Pet Portraits


2014pets46.jpg2014pets47.jpgB84 for web.jpg2014pets45.jpgboissertb284.jpgboissertb4.jpgboissertb99.jpgc27-winsome2 for web.jpgc45-b164 for web.jpgc66-baby h6 for web.jpgc82-B97 for web.jpg2014pets34.jpg2014pets23.jpg2014pets24.jpg2014pets25.jpg2014pets26.jpg2014pets27.jpg2014pets28.jpg2014pets29.jpg2014pets30.jpg2014pets31.jpg2014pets32.jpg2014pets33.jpg2014pets22.jpgc29-2014pets18.jpgc5-2014pets16.jpgc57-2014pets20.jpgc7-2014pets17.jpgc91-2014pets15.jpgc94-2014pets19.jpgc94-2014pets21.jpg2014pets11.jpg2014pets12.jpg2014pets13.jpg2014pets14.jpg2014pets17.jpg2014pets10.jpg2014pets6.jpg2014pets7.jpg2014pets8.jpg2014pets9.jpgwinsome2 for web.jpg2014pets.jpg2014pets3.jpg2014pets4.jpg2014pets5.jpgsunset19 for web.jpgbff12 for web.jpgbff13 for web.jpgmona4 for pets.jpgwally for web.jpgbuds12 for web.jpgc57-the kids2 for web.jpgclimber13 for web.jpgfriend15 for web.jpgfriend6 for web.jpgc20-meow5 for web.jpgc42-peace13 for web.jpgbuds5 for web - Copy.jpgc49-meow6 for web.jpgc54-meow4 for web.jpgc67-the kids2 for web.jpgc92-erinnc193 for web.jpgc99-meow7 for web.jpgbaby h11 for web.jpgbaby h24 for web.jpgbaby h33 for web.jpghorse16 for web.jpgchase24 for web.jpgb167 for web.jpgb386 for web.jpgb393 for web.jpgb419 for web.jpgb607 for web.jpgB7 for web.jpgb764 for web.jpgB82 for web.jpgB97 for web.jpgbig baby3 for web.jpgc41-two23 for web.jpgdbl dog butt for web.jpgdog eyes2 for web.jpgdoggage for web.jpgdoggie do18 for web.jpgfreebird6 for web.jpghairdog3b for web.jpgolives way for web.jpgpooch for web.jpgpooches2 for web.jpgthe face 2 for web.jpgthe face 3 for web.jpgthe face 5redux for web.jpgthe o2 for web.jpggirlz93 for web.jpggirlz96 for web.jpgc12-brushin2 for web.jpgc23-horse10 for web.jpgc30-chomp14 for web.jpgc37-more horse11 for web.jpgc41-more horse25 for web.jpgc51-peace9 for web.jpgc58-baby h5 for web.jpgc98-climber for web.jpgcheese3 for web.jpgcheese9 for web.jpgmeow2 for web.jpgtwo23 for web.jpghusky.jpgbrown-doggy.jpgkitty-kiss.jpgfoal-in-stall-with-mare.jpggirls-best-friend.jpgpuppyface.jpgsmiley-dog.jpgbulldog-kiss.jpgwally-cat.jpgfoal-in-stall.jpgfoal-with-mare-pasture.jpgkitty-blankets.jpgc33-more horse7 for web.jpgkitty-eyes.jpegcat-in-grass.jpgpuppy-tractor.jpghorse-eye.jpghorsey-kiss-stall.jpg
Whenever the grandkids had a sleepover, my Pop-Pop knew that Sydney the faithful dachshund, would canoodle with whichever kid won the couch for the night.  So began a photo series that lasted until Pop-Pop & Gramma moved to Florida.   Sydney was one of their kids too.

When I became a mommy,  our cat, Frank was our first child.  He gave us 16 amazing years and posed for more photos than I ever did.  Nothing changes.

His last morning was spent purring and eating. I still turn around and scan a 10 foot area expecting to see him. The photos fill the gaps in our hearts when we remember him.

You wouldn’t take a family portrait without mom in it? So why exclude your furry, winged, shelled, scaled or finned friend?