About Me


Hi, I’m Viki.
This is my story.


Gramma and Aunt Deenie

Photography is in my blood.

My grandfather, who died the month of my birth, was a SERIOUS avid amateur.

I think amateur means “torture” if you were to ask my Gramma and Aunt Deenie.


Grandpa and me - Viki Reed Family Photography NJ

My mom, like my Grampa, took pictures ALL the time.

That’s me with beagle puppies on Easter Sunday.


 photos of my school - Viki Reed Family Photos NJ

Naturally, this rubbed off on me.

Soon, I was taking pictures of anything, all the time, trying
to recreate the feelings I had when I used just my eyes.

That’s my elementary school.
The car belonged to my favorite Principal, Mr. Noland.



My dog, Monty, was a favorite subject.


art class

In high school, I was the only kid from Colts Neck to be invited
to participate in the visiting artist master art class.

The ultimate geek zone! We got our hands dirty with every media.

That’s John Kavalos, our guide. He still teaches in New Jersey.



I loved taking pictures of black & white shadows.

This was all years before Photoshop came and changed my life,
by melding my fine art skills with my camera skills.

But photography was not to be my vocation… yet…



We lived down the road from Dawn Animal Agency. 

They were sanctuary to hundreds of cats, dogs, emus,
elephants, zebras, a tiger, cows, ostriches, etc. They funded
care by putting their animals in TV, theater, and film.

They gave me my first, best job:
Camel-Wrangler for the Radio City Music Hall 
Christmas Spectacular Show!


Radio City backstage

Here I am (minus the camels) backstage at Radio City, 
in a lighting booth where secret smooching happened…
and in the stagehand’s zone getting creepy hugs.

I had to walk camels & horses around the theater
every morning on show days.

All of it ROCKED.

Even the sheep-stall cleaning.



What could be better than Radio City?

Try Joe Papp’s Public Theater. I was lucky enough
to land a job in the costume department 
(which is no longer, GRRR!)

I loved the East Village and got to work two seasons dressing
actors at Shakespeare In The Park at the Delacourte Theater.

Chris Walken

Fave gig? Being Christopher Walken’s dresser.

Andre Braugher

P.S. That’s the great Andre Braugher bending over to make me laugh!

Chris Walken Christmas Card

When I was Chris Walken’s dresser, Christmastime came around.

Here’s the awesome card I still have from him. He also gave me a big fat tip as a present.


Me in NYC

I loved living in New York.

(I may have to go back for good when the kids ditch our nest in NJ.)


From New York, NY… of course I went to Hollywood.

There’s more video of me from this time than pictures.
I put down my camera and behaved foolishly for a long
time working in La La Land.

 Me in Runyon Canyon

Here I am being oh so “hikey” in Runyon Canyon.


 Working in Hollyweird

For a little while I worked as a waitress on the Sunset Strip.
Then I got some cool jobs in tv and film, behind the scenes of course!

I loved getting fan mail for the shows I worked on.
(Especially this letter — click the envelope to read it!)

Fan Letter


After a while, I got tired of foolishly wasting my time and not following my dreams.

The Stand Up Years

I started performing stand-up comedy, writing professionally,
putting shows together, meeting a guy I could trust…

Fellow performers

I found I loved taking pix of my fellow performers and my new guy…

(SPOILER ALERT: We got married and now have 3 kids.)


Check out Point Dume, our favorite Malibu spot…
it’s in EVERY commercial on TV.

We had that first kid and I picked up my camera again…

baby pics 1

baby pics2

…and again…

goofy family photo

Clearly I needed to either stop taking pictures
or start using other homo sapiens as my subject matter.

So it began…
I started taking pictures for friends who needed portraits… their kids at the park…
We had two more kids… more cats… a big move back to New Jersey…

my start at family photography

 I found my voice.

What can I say…

flower girl

Now my voice is a BIG mouth.